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David Rendon started his adult life as an infantry soldier for the US Army. After serving 4 years and completing a fifteen-month tour in Iraqi, he opted for the civilian life, and while living in Sacramento he met his now wife, Melissa.  

It was Melissa’s father, Gordon Munoz, who introduced the career opportunity of HVAC systems to David. Shortly after, David joined the same United Association, Local 342, which Gordon proudly severed in. Being a commercial HVAC technician, David was required to complete a five-year apprenticeship training program which gave him extensive knowledge that he needed in order to jump out on his own going full-time with his own business. 

Starting a business is scary, but not as scary as the family’s reason to why they needed to begin this new adventure. David and Melissa were blessed with fraternal twin girls, Addison and Taylor. When their daughters were three years old, Taylor came down with flu-like symptoms that didn’t seem to be getting any better.

After multiple doctor’s visits, the family’s nightmare came true, they were told their daughter had Leukemia (ALL). With this devastating news, Melissa told her employer she needed to take a leave of absence so she could be with her daughter. David got his contractor’s license so that he could work commercial HVAC during the day through the corporation he worked for, and then do side residential jobs at night and on the weekends to help his family make ends meet. Thankfully, Taylor is now in remission and doing wonderful!

It was a long road of treatment for two and a half years, but Taylor is as healthy as can be now. The business that was started to just help make ends meet has taken off enough so much that David is now able to become a business owner himself. 

Rendon Heating & Air, Inc has been doing business since 2018, but is now operating full-time serving both residential and commercial customers. One of the main reasons he’s been able to follow his dream of being his own employer is because of his honesty. 

David prides himself in being fair to everyone involved and since he has five years of UA apprenticeship training under his belt, as well as 13 years in the industry, he knows ways to fix machines to make them last for years longer and will always try that route before opting to replace entire units. 

The best testimonial for any business is customer loyalty, and when David’s corporate customers out of the Bay Area opted to stay with him as he started his own company he knew he was doing something right.

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